Kieran Fletcher passes Class 2 AND Mod 4 FIRST TIME

Kieran came to Truck School to take his training for his HGV licence. We arranged just the driving and the Mod 4 CPC as he sorted the rest of the procedure himself.

After passing the theory tests, we had a date set into the diary to start his training. The plan being to take both the practical driving test AND the mod 4 CPC test on the same day.

Kieran put the effort in to listen to Su, his trainer and did such a good job that he gained only 4 driver faults on the practical driving test.

Kieran also did so well to listen to the training given for the Mod 4 CPC as he passed that test with full 100% score.

All he will need now is his digital tacho graph card and he is ready for work! He has already asked about booking in for his class 1!! Looking forward to it.

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