Niki passes his car and trailer test today at the FIRST TIME attempt

We were contacted by Nik Gardiner's partner as she wanted him to get his car and trailer licence so he could tow the caravan off for those wonderful UK holidays.

With lockdown easing but international travel still a little uncertain, more and more people are looking for UK breaks fas their holiday destinations. This does mean that more caravans are being moved around the country.

We have been limited with the number of tests that we can buy, which is really affecting our availability, however, we saw a Saturday test pop up on the system and managed to ask our trainer to work on Saturday of last week for training and then Saturday of this week for the test.

Niki was confident in the procedures and showed the examiner exactly what he was made of and passed today at his FIRST TIME attempt.

Well done Niki. Have a good holiday - wherever that may be.

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