Ready for the return

2 weeks before the current lockdown restrictions, I was unfortunate enough to have my teaching car driven into. Luckily no one was hurt. My car was parked and so no one was in it at the time of the incident. The sun was extremely bright and low and the third party driver was temporarily blinded and as soon as he regained his vision, it was too late to avoid my car. The other driver was also uninjured in the incident, however he was certainly shaken up. After details were taken, I arranged for my car to be taken somewhere safe. Quinton, who passed his HGV test with Truck School just a few months ago, came to take the car away. He was really quick in arriving and very professional in his services.

My insurance company were really quick in arranging a courtesy car and I was delivered a new VW golf. This was a really nice car fitted with dual controls. It had an integrated sat nav and an electronic button parking brake.

Knowing the lockdown restrictions were coming, I actually didn't need the courtesy car so I arranged for them to pick it up. I didn't see the need for the insurance company to be charging for a car that was not needed.

Also, knowing that the damage on my car was more than likely going to mean that it wouldn't be fixed, I set about finding a replacement vehicle. I saw a nice Audi A3 for sale and although it needed a little work, I thought it was a good bargain. I got the car and started arrangements for the dual controls to be fitted. I used Nationwide Dual controls and arranged for the fitting to be done the following week. Whilst I was waiting, I decided that it was a good idea to give the car a full service. I am capable of doing minor servicing myself so I jacked up the car and started by replacing the fuel filter, air filter, cabin filter. I drained the oil and replaced the oil filter and oil. I knew that there was a fault with the heating fans as although they blew air, they did not heat up at all. I watched a youtube video on how to replace the thermostat. This resulted in a change of the coolant too. This did not fix the heater issue so I had to enlist the help of professionals. It turned out that the water pump was not working properly. They replaced the water pump and whilst they had the engine open, it was an ideal time to change the cam belt too. With heaters working, I returned to instal the dash cam, hands free phone kit and also the sat nav. Amongst a mass of wires, this was sorted and the car went off for the dual controls to be fitted.

After the car was returned, it was time for a full valet. And here was the final result after a full inside and outside valet. All ready for work...... If only it wasn't for the lockdown.

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