Rob passes his artic!

Rob Nemeth took and passed his artic test (Cat C+E) with Truck School yesterday.

Rob took his class 2 with us not so long ago after having a poor experience with an agency booking company. We saw him through his class 2 and following some work experience in that class, he decided to upgrade to the class 1 Artic.

After a ropey start with understanding the reverse, he got the idea and was reversing the 15.5m rig into the box. His uncoupling was good and so into test he went.

What Rob didn't tell us is that he had watched a youtube video on the reverse and they suggested that he should pull right the way forward to the top of the yard to give more space to reverse... He did not listen to us and he did it the way the video told him but he was failed for going too far forwards... On any manoeuvre, the driver is allowed to pull forwards but you are always given a limit and Rob went past that limit....

So in for a retest and this time, he did not watch any videos on youtube and funnily enough, he managed to reverse the wagon nicely..

On for the drive and the uncoupling procedure and Rob now has a full Cat C+E licence.. With a UK shortage of drivers, he should have no problem in finding driving work with the artics.

Well done!

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