Saffron passed her Automatic driving test today

Saffron Baxter has been learning to drive with our trainer, Duncan. He usually trains in the HGV lorries but in the afternoons and when the trucks aren't out, you'll find him in his automatic transmission driving school car. Saffron wanted to learn in an auto, so we helped her out.

Saffron completed a mock test with our company founder and her driving was of really good standard on that. So off to test she went. Unfortunately, Saffron was driving a little too fast on a dual carriageway where there were roadworks and a temporary speed limit in force. So she was unsuccessful at that attempt.

Then there were delays due to coronavirus lockdowns and mass tailbacks for booking tests. Saffron's dad managed to find a test date in a different test centre but we encouraged them to keep looking for a date to come up in an area she was familiar with.

Driving is driving and it shouldn't matter where you do your test. If your instructor is good, they should teach you how to drive and not just teach you how to drive on test routes. However, it is handy to recognise the area as it does take a little bit of pressure off on the day.

Low and behold, a test date did come up in the Bristol Brislington test centre. This was an area that she was familiar with and so off to her second attempt she went.

Saffron returned to the test centre with her examiner a happy driver as she was given a pass certificate and a new full category B driving licence entitlement.

Well done Saffi.

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